KWDA - inc.
KWDA = Certainty of Execution

Project Leadership

Every project needs a leader; project success is difficult without a project leader. The project lead is usually the Owner / Owner’s Staff / Developer, on occasion the Architect / Designer, in some instances the lead is the General Contractor. When appropriate and as directed by the client, KWDA assumes the role of project leader and will serve as surrogate staff with single-source control and responsibility for managing the project from inception through planning, design, construction and occupancy. KWDA’s focus is to manage the owner’s risk with the highest standard of care. Through KWDA’s experience and meticulous approach to project management, planning and anticipating the next steps mitigate risks. KWDA stays several steps ahead of the process creating a proactive, strategic approach. However, due to the nature of complicated projects all events are not predictable. In these cases, KWDA relies upon experience and creative problem solving abilities to keep the project on budget and on schedule, ultimately delivering a product with the highest standard of quality.


"Everything rises and falls on leadership." This quote is especially true in running successful projects. A project must have strong leadership. The project manager must be committed to do what they say.


Effective Project Leader = Successful Project