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What is Project Management?


Project management professionals apply management techniques to all phases of a project for the purpose of controlling project cost, schedule, quality and safety. They assist owners in defining the project and selecting the best delivery method. They administer bids and contracts for dozens of consultants, contractors and vendors, obtaining the most favorable terms. They develop and manage budgets and schedules, and monitor design and construction for compliance with contract documents and owner objectives. One of the most important roles is to orchestrate the diverse project team and motivate them to achieve their best work.


Project management is a service that owners must be aware of in order to ensure they are achieving project goals in the best and most cost effective way. The professional advice and services received are of particular importance for owners lacking in-house staffing levels, expertise or depth of experience necessary to program, plan, design and construct complex projects.


Managing any project requires talent in the art of building and maintaining strong relationships and the specialized skills that can only be gained from experience. With money and reputation on the line, it is important for every player on the project team to be committed to carry out the mission on time and on budget, and to meet or even exceed the expectations of quality and participant satisfaction. For this reason, many owners turn to professional project managers to ensure that project goals are met.


Fundamentally, project managers manage the project on day-to-day basis, are given clear marching orders by the owner and don’t deviate from the owner’s mission of the project. When big decisions are required, the project manager is responsible for providing the owner clear and concise data in order for the owner to make an informed decision and provide clear direction.


The narrative above describes KWDA's core competencies.