KWDA = Certainty of Execution


KWDA's services can benefit an owner at every stage of the process:

Planning Phase - specifying project objectives and plans including defining the scope, budget, schedule, performance requirements, and assembling the project team. In addition, a project manager should provide strategic advice on issues that may affect the project and ways to minimize the impact of outside factors.


Design Phase - many owners find it useful to engage a project manager as their independent third party professional advisor for the purpose of advising on the design and managing the construction documentation process.  The PM should also manage the cost estimating process and value engineering alternatives as needed to maintain the budget during design.


Procurement Phase - maximizing efficient resource utilization through procurement of labor, materials and equipment according to the project schedule and implementation plan. Project managers may provide advice regarding the reputation and suitability of design professionals, general contractors and subcontractors. The project manager will advise on project delivery options and administer the bid processes.


Construction Phase - implementing and administering the project plan by coordinating the design and construction teams and ensuring all required tasks are performed. The PM will ensure quality is maintained and monitor the project costs and all cost projections. The project manager is responsible for establishing controls and developing communication mechanisms for streamlined decision making, resolving conflicts among the various participants, monitoring the schedule and dealing proactively with delays.


Project Completion / Close Out – the PM will ensure orderly and timely completion of the project including timely resolution of punch-lists, ensuring training is provided to the client’s facility staff, providing a process outline for monitoring warranty periods, ensuring all warranties / guarantees and maintenance manuals are provided to the owner, ensuring all lien releases are provided and recorded, and reviewing claims or disputed issues.

  • Project Management
  • Development Management
  • Design Management
  • Preconstruction Management
  • Construction Management
  • Design Team Assemblage
  • Construction Team Assemblage
  • Entitlement Compliance
  • Budget Development
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Labor Negotiation
  • Project Turnaround
  • Quality Control / Quality Assurance Management
  • Permitting
  • Project Cost Reporting
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Project Delivery Strategy
  • Project Planning
  • Change Control
  • FF&E Procurement
  • Commissioning Management
  • Move Coordination
  • Project Close Out

Project Management and Tracking Tools

  • Checklists for each Project Phase
  • Process and Procedures Manual
  • Responsibility Matrix
  • Owner Action Items
  • Milestone Schedule
  • Budget and Cash Flow
  • Cost Projection Report (Estimated Final Cost Report)
  • Document Control Log
  • Change Control Log
  • Project Management Log
  • Control Document Templates 

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