KWDA - inc.
KWDA = Certainty of Execution

Philosophy and Strengths

KWDA’s strength is in its ability to analyze the unique challenges of a client’s project and work with a team of qualified architects, engineers and contractors to meet the client’s objectives. KWDA believes in planning the work and working the plan; collaboratively with the design team, construction team and client. KWDA believes in being firm but fair with consultants and contractors.


Do what you say, say what you do and deliver what you promise.


Leading and Executing Projects

  • KWDA provides leadership resources to lead the client's project team
  • KWDA partners with the client's team to define measurable outcomes, develop a plan, and create a credible schedule
  • KWDA aligns organizational expectations and leads the team to successful results.

Resolving Crises

  • Define the problem
  • Generate alternatives
  • Evaluate and select the best alternative
  • Implement the solution

 Improving and Optimizing Processes

  • This represents a typical reason clients engage KWDA
  • KWDA brings a totally objective mindset into these situations which is imperative in problem solving

Problem Solving

  • KWDA brings their deep experience and the most appropriate tools forward to optimize processes and improve results